Grandpa Who Saved A Nearly Dying Calf Ended Up Like 'This' After 2 Years (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

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Da-haeng the cow, who has grown super plumped, has one thing she wishes for the grandpa, which is..?


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    Как в мультике Мама мама

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    Какие чистые животные.....

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    Hahaha turns out she's not pregnant, she's just obese this cow is cute 😆💙

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    Она , Гаврюша из Мультфильма, Простоквашино 🐮🐶

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    Inseminar artificialmente es lo mismo que violar. Para qué la Inseminan si no es Para robarle la leche y comer a su bebé? Go vegan. Stop the abuse.

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    Did that cow jump in the air? Did I see airs above the ground? He is playing!!!!!!

  12. Johnny Faust
    Johnny Faust
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    Как собачка бегает со своим дедушкой😊

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    Lets get that one on the 🍗 bbq grill

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    Какие же глупые комментарии! Их авторов бы так закрыть на живодерне, и какую-нибудь бугаиху рядом веселить. Ой,как бы им всем было весело! В детстве пасла коз возле таких ферм, знаю, какое это счастье для телят там оказаться

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    Video is much better with captions on

  16. Jay Cuzman
    Jay Cuzman
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    When I see men put their hands inside cows and other animals it makes me sick. To say that doesn't hurt the cow would be a lie.

  17. Katbalou
    7 hari yang lalu

    So meaningful so sweet.. I’m telling you ALL animals have feelings! I don’t see how people can hurt them, very sweet & now a baby..

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    I love you kritter kulùp🥰🥰

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    Первый раз вижу такую очровательно толстую корову. Добрейшие люди рядом, здоровья им.

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    Ahaha! The jealousy part was great.

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    Probably only sale at the local McDonald's now .?

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    So sweet! Thank you!

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    Y pensar que los humanos los matan y se lo comen ...yo no como carne por esto

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    She looks delicious 😋

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    Папаня!!! Ну вот , а то всё мама да мама...

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    It was nice seeing a cow get treated like a human. Or even better!

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    Жалко зарежут и не моргнут

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  31. Paula Shaia
    Paula Shaia
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    I raised an orphaned calf. She believed I was her mom and followed me around like a puppy! Fond memories. Can't wait to see/be with her in Heaven!

  32. olgalili
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    Es el consentido y ahora no se separa del abuelo. Muy agradecido y seguro lo defenderia a capa y espada!

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    Know fact Communist Beef doesn't taste very good.

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    What’s with the horrible annoying music?

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    👍 👌 😘

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    Благодарю дедушку за быка который меня чуть не убил и новую птицу

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    Хорошее и доброе видео.

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    Adorable. But the music is even more adorable. Lol

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    Молодец ,так усердно ухаживал и не заметил ,что закормил,и перепутал что корова уже и стальная.? Приятно было смотреть на такую любовь взаимную,между человеком и животным.Спасибо.

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    Calf.... it's what's for dinner

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    Where is this , mobeard from Missouri asking?

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    What a wonderful friendship.❤️❤️❤️

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    😂😅😂😅until we will see Dan-haeng jr 😂😅😇😂 que ternurita 🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍. Beautiful video, thank you very much 👌. God bless you grandfa 🙏

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    Henry Dycha
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    When he eats him, it will taste that much better.

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    Anne Bell
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    Ohhhhh I LOVE this. Such a gentle giant. God Bless the Grandad.🙏🙏🙏

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    ...of course he's a nice guy. A Yankees fan.

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    И вся эта живая милота пойдёт на мясо, очень жаль.

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      Не думаю не сможет

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    Someone wants another snack

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    Котята они разные бывают: у кого Мансур, у кого коровушка)))

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    Cows have feeling too..

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    Lucky cow Looks like good cherished steak

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    All of this and then they slaughter them and eat them

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    Ой как мило😀💝💕💓💐🥰🌷

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    ur his real daddy n he loves u especially for not making him into steak!!

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    👍 q.amor desse vovô para com a vaquinha glória a Deus. 🙏 valeu! Gratidão amo os animais🙏😁

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